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About  the Author


Kelly Warman-Stallings is a self-described literary multi-tasker. She is a local historian of the mid-Missouri area and has written and directed various public events, all while maintaining her wry wit, optimistic outlook, her religious faith and deep sense of spirituality.


Born in Iberia, Missouri in 1960, Ms. Warman-Stallings grew up in Kansas City, Kansas which she still considers her hometown. She discovered the desire to write at the age of twelve through a simple, four-line poem. For many years poetry flowed from her pen. Poetry continues to be her first love in the literary genre.


Over the past thirty years she has written and published four books with the majority of them dealing with local history and family genealogies. She credits her love of writing to her mother, Peggy Smith Warman-Hake, who was a notable historian in her own right and a great inspiration to her daughter.


In addition to her writing, Ms. Warman-Stallings has directed plays and skits, and choreographed music talent shows. She was editor of a business-based newsletter in Jefferson City for six years. She is also a singer and song-writer.


Ms. Warman-Stallings currently lives in central Missouri. She has three children, thirteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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